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ArmPi Pro AI Robot

ArmPi Pro is a smart vision transporting robot powered by Raspberry Pi

Jetson AI Robot

NVIDIA JetBot AI project, based on the Jetson Nano Developer Kit

Quarky AI Robot

Programmable robotics kit to learn AI, robotics and create real-life projects

Avishkaar Robots Pro

Programmable brain, motors, sensors wheels etc.

Programming Nano Drone

Smartphone Controlled with Rechargeable Battery by Drona Aviation

Quarky Humanoid Kit

Build, program, & learn about humanoid robots the DIY way

5 DOF Robotic Arm Kit

Pick and place, serve drink, draw stuff, sort candies, or do something even crazier!

Arduino Kit

Arduino based project kit for hands-on experience with the embedded system

37 Sensor Kit

Sensor kit for Arduino and Raspberry Pi based projects