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We Deliver Excellence in Products, Services and Operation

Robotics/AI Lab Setup

AI/Robotics Kits, All-in-one Desktop, LED TV, Consumables, Tools & Accessories

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Robotics/AI Lab Operation

Robotics Lab Instructor, Desktop Maintenance, Robots Maintenance, Upgrade & Replacements.

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Robotics/AI Curriculum

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Lesson Plan, Project Details, Digital Course Materials.

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Robotics/AI Competition

Preparation for National & International Competition, Guidance & Coaching.

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Electronics & Technology

Robotics & AI Kits includes Embedded Boards Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano. The kits includes peripheral shields, sensors, mechanical accessories.

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Python Programming

Python is used to program a wide range of robots. Python to create sophisticated robotics applications that can perform complex tasks and interact with their environment in real-time.

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Why Choose Us

Best-in-class services

We provide best-in-class end to end services which includes:

  • Complete Robotics Lab Setup
  • Robotics' Lab Attendant for operation
  • Robots and Desktop maintenance
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